Protecting Girls Against Harmful Practices Project

NELICO’s unwavering dedication echoes through its Protecting Girls Against Harmful Practices Project, a beacon of hope in the landscape of gender equality and child protection. Over the course of three transformative years, our mission encompassed not just safeguarding girls, but empowering entire communities to challenge harmful norms and practices. Across diverse target groups – girls and boys, parents, educators, leaders, and policymakers – our efforts resonated with a singular purpose: to foster environments where every child thrives free from the spectre of harm.

At the heart of this endeavor lay two pivotal objectives: to embolden girls with knowledge and opportunities, and to equip their support networks with the tools to champion their rights. Through a tapestry of activities, we sowed the seeds of change, nurturing attitudes of positivity and self-assurance among our youth. Central to this was the establishment of vibrant girls’ and boys’ clubs, both within schools and beyond, where open dialogue flourished on topics ranging from female genital mutilation to early marriage. These forums became crucibles of empowerment, where life skills were honed, and voices found resonance.

Yet, our commitment extended beyond the classroom walls. Through targeted interventions, we equipped peer educators with the skills to ignite change within their own circles, fostering a ripple effect of advocacy and awareness. Health workers, too, became allies in our cause, trained to deliver youth-friendly services and provide sanctuaries where voices could be heard without fear or judgment.

Crucially, NELICO’s impact rippled through the corridors of education, where teachers emerged as guardians of not just academic knowledge, but also life skills and child protection. From hygiene to puberty, our training sessions equipped educators with the tools to navigate delicate conversations, nurturing environments where every child’s journey is marked by safety and support.

As we reflect on the milestones of this journey, we stand emboldened by the resilience of our communities and the promise of a future where every girl thrives, unencumbered by harmful practices. Join us as we continue to champion the rights of the most vulnerable among us, forging pathways to a world where every child’s potential is nurtured and protected.